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How to maintain your tent by Boutique Camping, dry, pack, clean, repair tent guide.

In Our Opinion the most important part of your camping trip is your tent, your home from home.

Looking after it is key and it is your duty to make sure all necessary maintenance is conducted when due to prolong your tent life span.

Here are some essential tips on care and maintenance of your Boutique Camping Glamping Tents.

Firstly, you need to make sure your tent is set up correctly.


Please following the instructions supplied with the tent or click here. You can also find instruction videos on our youtube channel.

Correct set up checklist

   ✓ Pick a good spot – if under a tree, be aware of things that may fall, if on top of hill please be aware of possible high winds.

  • Pitch on Flat ground
  • Tightly pegged down groundsheet (no kinks or creases)
  • Straight centre pole.
  • Peg Guy ropes/webbing at least 1m away from tent.
  • Equal tension (tip: zip close door before final tension)
  • Straight vertical walls (no kinks or creases) 
  • Double check the groundsheet zip is not exposed and the canvas skirt is covering it.

First time Leaks

·        The first time your tent gets wet it may leak (rare) a little around the seams, don’t worry THIS IS NORMAL and is known as Weathering.

·        Once it has fully dried out the canvas will naturally shrink and close any tiny holes to ensure your tent become watertight.

·        Recurring problem – please double check the points above 

·        REMEMBER: If you have a problem with your tent and you are not sure what to do, take photo and videos of where / how the issue is happening and send them too us. We will do our very best to resolve this for you.

·        Please also see tips on erecting a tent correctly.

Although Canvas Tents like ours are not designed for permanent structures, many of our customers keep them up all summer and longer. Please do not expect these to be indestructible.

Caring for your Tent

Here are some essential tips on care and maintenance of your Boutique Camping Glamping Tent.

Always air your tent – condensation and dampness will build up overnight regardless if the material is breathable or not. Ventilation is very important. Everyday open doors and windows. Coupled with the roof vents the circulation of air will dry your tent.

Store it bone dry – Not dry, bone dry. If storing in a shed or a garage please make sure the tent is off the ground and away from rodents.

Mud – We find waiting for the mud to completely dry and then using a stiff brush will remove mud completely Once all mud is removed, we would recommend our Techwash (canvas) or Solarwash (Oxford) if there is any remaining dirt or marks, both great products designed to clean these materials.

Re-proofing - Keep on top of the Protection – Not only to keep you dry but also to protect against UV rays, rot and mildew spots.

Solar radiation (UV) and other elements affect the waterproofness of your tent. After exposure to them, the fabric will become less waterproof over time. How often is down to how much use it gets. Our advance is if the water is not beading away like a waxed car, then it's time to re-proof.

This can easily be resolved by re-applying an impregnation agent. We recommend Cotton-proof by NIKWAX Applying a new coating with care demands time and effort, but extends the life span of your tent considerably. 

If all of this sounds like too much hard work you can even send your tent away forService wash and reproof– We can’t recommend our friends at Washandreproof more. They will do a full door to door service wash and reproof.

Wear and tear - If you see an issue starting to happen, e.g. fraying of webbing, a guy rope or stitching, replace them. The earlier you address this the better. It will not build up and become are larger problem.

Protector Cover and Sheets

We sell groundsheet and tent protector covers. These are great for a number of reasons.


Groundsheet Protector – will stop mud collecting on your main groundsheet, adding a protection against sharp stones and rocks and extra insulation on cold ground.

Tent protector Cover - Camping under a tree where debris may fall such as sap, twigs and bird dropping Extra protection in a storm Leaving a campsite when rain is forecasted. Stand alone cover





Boutique Camping recommend using NIKWAX Tent & Gear Techwash(canvas) or Solarwash (oxford) for cleaning and it also protects against UV deterioration.

1. you can wash the tent when it is up still with a broom or sponge mop. But if very dirty we would recommend laying on flat surface. With larger Boutique Camping tents, it is best to take one panel at a time.

2. Spray evenly to outside of fabric. Use approximately 50 ml of product per 1m2 of fabric, depending on the condition of the fabric being treated.

3. Rub in well with a damp cloth/sponge, paying attention to dirty areas.

4. Rinse with clean water and a cloth or sponge.

5. Allow the tent to be air dried. Before packing away, make sure the tent is fully dried. 



How To Reproof Boutique Camping Canvas Fabric with NIKWAX Cotton Proof

·        Erect your clean tent

·        Dilute the agent with warm water, We find using a garden pump action pressure spray works really well, but a bucket will be find if you do not have.

·        For the best results, the area to be treated should be damp since this will help the impregnating agent to penetrate the fabric. Apply the diluted impregnating agent evenly on the outside of the canvas. Work the impregnating agent into the canvas with a sponge or brush.

·        Make sure there are no areas that have been missed.

·        After a few minutes, wipe off excess agent using a damp towel. This will prevent any patches from forming.

·        Allow the tent to be air dried. Before packing away, make sure the tent is bone dry.

Mould and Mildew

Bacteria breaks the fibres and creates black stains that are very hard to remove. Additionally, it spreads quite rapidly once the first stains have appeared. It is therefore of vital importance that you protect your tent against fungi in any circumstance.


General tips to avoid mildew on a cotton canvas tent:

Mildew is caused by moisture. It is therefore sure to form on the canvas of your tent if you store the tent wet. Moreover, mould stains often appear on canvas tents if they are no longer waterproof, for they then lack of an important protective layer which would otherwise keep off moisture and mould. To avoid mould and mildew, wipe down the interior and exterior of the tent with clean water before you leave it to dry and store it in a dry, well-ventilated area. Also, reproof the tent in time to ensure it stays mould resistant and waterproof


. For more tips & tricks to fight mildew check out the list below:


·        Do not roll up or store a wet tent. When you are left with no other option than to store it wet, be sure to remove any mud or dirt from the groundsheet and bottom strip and pitch your tent again within 2 days, allowing it to properly air-dry.

·        Dry off the tent and clean it before you store the tent in a dry, well ventilated space.

·        Ventilate the tent, especially when you do not use it. That way, you drive out moisture, preventing mould to affect the canvas.

·        If you are going to hang your tent to dry, please make sure to move it around when drying otherwise mould could form in the folds.  Ideally set up the tent outdoors or in your garage and open the doors and windows to ensure that it is being well ventilated. If possible, pitch the tent in the sun, for sunlight may help you in your fight against mould and mildew. 

·        Clean and reproof the tent periodically in order to ensure it stays waterproof.

·        We advise you to store the tent in a cotton bag which breathes and does not contain surfactants. A plastic bag may impede ventilation and transfer plasticizers to the canvas.

·        Do not store rings, guy ropes and groundsheet together with your tent, but keep them in a separate bag.

·        Make sure the tent is pitched perfectly, so water can easily glide off the canvas.

·        Avoid touching the tent when it is raining.

·        Be careful with creams, lotions, suntan oil, etc. Greasy hands may affect the tents waterproofness adversely.

·        Ventilate the tent well when cooking, for condensation may cause mould to appear on the canvas.


If the cotton has been affected by mould, mildew or weather conditions, do as follows:


·        Dampen the canvas

·        Dissolve 1 unit of bleach into 10 units of water.

·        Apply the solution to the wet canvas and let the canvas absorb it for about 30 minutes. Prolong the absorption time if necessary.

·        Rinse the canvas with plenty of water.

·        Clean the canvas using tech wash, so there is no bleach left on the canvas.

·        Let your tent dry properly.