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Boutique Camping is an official partner of TreememberMe, a nonprofit organisation which gives you the opportunity to plant trees and make them unique by adding a personal electronic message and a picture that will live on, like your tree, into the future. We've started this collaboration in an effort to help our Earth breathe a little better and give all of our customers an easy and effortless way to make their glamping passion more sustainable.

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After purchasing a tent from our site, you will receive an email with instructions on how to receive your own personal tree code, which is bound to a tree selected from one of our planned forest sites. Once you receive your code, visit us here again to redeem it at the bottom of this page.

purchase tree codes directly from us

Already redeemded your Free Tree code and want to help more? Or perhaps you're not in the market for a tent right now? No problem, simply follow the link below to plant as many trees as your heart desires, remember Boutique Camping retains no profit from your purchase! We're just trying to help :)


You will receive information about how much carbon your trees will offset and you can manage your planting history on your own profile page. You can share every purchase and your planting profile through social media and email. Collectively, TreememberMe contributes to a legacy that is traceable, accountable and unforgettable! The trees will be seeded, planted and managed by their respected partner, the Icelandic Forest Service.

On your Profile, you can track the life of your tree from its infancy to adulthood. You can also keep records of your planting history and carbon offset volumes.

Each tree can be linked to personal messages and pictures that capture unforgettable moments. All the information on your Profile can easily be shared with family and friends through social media. As you plant more trees, your forest grows and together we build a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

Currently, we are focusing on areas that will become Pine and Spruce forests, but our future forests will also include other species such as Larch, Birch, and Aspen. The species are chosen based on factors such as environmental conditions, survival rate, and estimated carbon capture. If your tree dies, another tree will be planted in its place. All our forests meet the criteria of additionality, permanence, and leakage.

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