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Product Reviews for 7m Sandstone Canvas Bell Tent - Single Door

Everything worked so well. Fab

BoutiqueCamping, we have a Massive success with your 7m bell tent for my partners 60th birthday bash. Simple to erect (2 peeps as it was quite large for the first time - but next time it will only be me) once you get your head around what is required, it is simple and just requires methodical activity.We had a Great for a bar area first and then the following weekend as the Children’s creative tent for Easter Bonnet making and nursery. AND amazingly First Time it folded flat and without too much effort it ALL went into the Bag. A first for any tent in my lifetime.!!! Thank you. Richard

June 21, 2019
7m Sandstone Canvas Bell Tent - Single Door

Excellent quality with outstanding finishes touches, this is the second belltent I have owned. The previous made by another company but I won't stray from boutique camping in the future

May 26, 2019
7m bell tent

We love it. It is enormous. Fantastic fun. Arrived very fast. Keeping it up for the whole summer (just waiting for summer to arrive). We highly recommend this company.

June 28, 2016
7 metre bell tent

I have now had my tent for a year, when I say glamp I mean glamp I have had 30 people in my tent comfortably when it rained it is comfortable and everything you would expect form a tent this size, we managed to put it up within 30 mins including all guide ropes out and hammered in. I like this tent so much I am buying another one with two doors and connecting them together to give me 14 metres of glamp perfection.

April 15, 2014
New Bell Tent

Putting up the tent was simple- done easily by two on a day with 20 mph winds in under an hour.The tent is spacious and well made.The only problem we have had is with the center pole, which buckled in 8 in of snow and wind- which should be expected. Getting the steel one.

March 17, 2014
7m bell tent

put this up for the first time at the weekend - WOW! We called the pics of my boyfriend standing next to it man v's tent! Its HUGE! as a tip it will take 2 of you to put up, we have 5m bells too which we can do with one, but the 7m is def a 2 person job, but doesn't take any longer time than a 5m to put up. Theres so much space and I can't wait for it to be used this summer!

March 13, 2014
Made my SGP

Thanks Boutique Camping for making my SGP. 8 of us shared this tent which was perfect. Even though it was raining outside we were nice and dry inside! Highly recommend x

February 17, 2014
Tent review

LOVE this tent, bought it last year for the summer and was amazed at how big it was, we bought it as a group of 8 friends for the festival season and we all fitted in with loads of excess room... it was so easy to put up, spacious and comfortable I didn't want to leaveI would recommend this for groups of friends or families

February 5, 2014
Perfect Tent

We took this tent to Secret garden party last year and for the 10 of us that stayed in it was the best camping experience, it is so big, amazing quality and was the perfect hide away when the weather was great. we were kept completely dry and we were the envy of everyone there.

February 5, 2014
Super Tent!

I purchased one of these tents in August and have used it once so far. It is absolutly amazing. The size is deceptive from the outside it looks large however when you walk into it looks HUGE! The 4m centrepole really helps with this giving lots of head room all around the tent.2 People can easily put this tent up within 20 minites.The hardest thing is shifting the packed tent about. The handles on the bag are a little long to lift easily. It would have been better if they had put 2 additional short handles at either end so 2 people can move it easily.Over all though this is by far the best tent I have ever used.

September 19, 2013