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Product Reviews for 4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Beautiful tent

September 2, 2019
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Really happy with this tent. Easy to put up and really roomy. Tried it out this weekend and it rained A LOT, and we stayed dry. Very happy and looking forwards to more rainbow camping!

August 21, 2019
Great for festivals

We tried out our new 4m Bell tent at a festival this weekend, in very high winds and rain! Was easy to put up & very sturdy. Absolutely love it! Would highly recommend for families.

August 13, 2019
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Fantastic all round

August 13, 2019
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Just the right thing for a frstival

August 11, 2019
Fantastic tents!!!

I purchased the Weekender bell tent after seeing someone else with it at a festival last year, love at first sight! Honestly, I did search around for other stores selling similar tents at less but this was actually the best deal.Now it's arrived and I've used it, I am so impressed at the quality of the tent and all the included extras that I would have happily paid a little more! With the tent there are also pegs, guy ropes (including spares of both) and a mallet. There is also spare patches and glue incase you get a tear, and I have spares for each colour on my tent as I ordered the rainbow. I don't actually anticipate it tearing anyway, it seems so well made. Finally, it really is quick and easy to put it all up, could have done it by myself!!

August 2, 2019
everything you want from an order

Beautiful. Value for money. Quick delivery. Product details completely accurate. Expectations met!

July 30, 2019
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow


July 27, 2019
Stunning Rainbow Bell Tent!

Purchased the Rainbow 4m Weekender Bell Tent and it's absolutely gorgeous I cannot show enough appreciation for it! I bought it mainly for the colours I will admit, but the shape is beautiful and it's very spacious and lives up to its purpose! I was a little sceptical about the waterproofing at first as I'm not overly familiar with tent quality, but the staff were quick to reply and we're welcoming and happy to help, the person I spoke to reassured me and the tent did not disappoint!The colours are beautiful and vibrant and the quality is simply fantastic, I am no tent expert but this tent is perfect for me! It managed to soldier through 5 days of rain and mud at a festival, it still looks beautiful and we stayed dry the entire time.. Woo! The tent is so easy to put up it took literally a few minutes between the two of us but it's easily done by a single person too. I did originally want to have the smaller size of the tent but it was pre-order only at the time but I'm glad we had the 4m one, as the pole is in the middle I would imagine it to be difficult to fit airbeds and other items around it in the smaller one, but the 4m one offered the space for our double airbed, and left plenty of space for storage as well as simply chilling in the tent - away from the drizzly rain!Honestly I would gladly recommend this company to anyone who asked. The quality of their products to my experience was faultless and their customer service is just as wonderful. I already want to go out camping again just so I can be in my colourful tent! 10/10 all round, my only wish is that they create a matching rainbow awning so I can buy it!!

June 21, 2019
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Can’t wait to use it....very excited!

May 26, 2019
Best Tent ever ;-)

Purchased a 5 metre polyester bell tent. Used it for a couple festivels last year Boomtown and Shambhala. Best tent ive ever puchased quick delivery.

February 7, 2019
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Ooops, I reviewed this on the service review instead of the product review. Great Service Great Product Lots of fun had this summer by teenage daughter and friends. Thank you

August 13, 2018
4m Weekender Polyester Bell Tent - Rainbow

Fantastic product. Very well made. Lovely details. Quality item

August 6, 2018
Ordered a rainbow 4m bell tent so happy

Ordered a rainbow 4m polyester and it came within 3 days. I was Amazed buy the quality of tent it is and love how it’s all engraved on zips bag mallet and guide ropes etc with the company name strong durable quality overall.

July 29, 2018
Great, Superb, Fantastic

Thanks Boutique Camping! Your product exceeds expectation, good quality items with a rubber mallet included..... whats not to like!! I erected this tent over the recent sunny bank holiday aided by my 3y/o son. The instructions were great and between the two of us it took 15 min [with no tears from anyone]: Unroll Peg Big pole V Pole Peg Enjoy! Colours are great. All fabric stitching and zips are robust, the guy ropes and pegs give you the confidence you could reuse them to moor a small vessel if you needed to. It was also easy to pack away, the tent actually fits back in the bag it came in, I didn't need the degree in origami which I have felt would have been beneficial in the past with previous tents I have owned. Size-wise: I purchased the 4m, It easily accommodated my wife and I along with our 3y/o son, all of us in sleeping bags on mats and our 4 month old in a travel-cot! We had ample room for all, plus an area left over for toys. I haven't tried it in adverse weather, but I would be confident pitching it even if the forecast isn't looking favourable. I would highly recommend, superb product at a competitive price, with quick delivery....and a mallet! Thanks again Boutique Camping!!

May 8, 2018