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Product Reviews for 4m Sandstone Canvas Bell Tent - Single Door

4m single door sandstone bell tent

Love it! Really easy even for one person to put up. Loads of room and great with the sides up. Looks great. Packs away really neatly. Love it (did I already mention that?)!

June 7, 2018
4m Sandstone Canvas Bell Tent - Single Door

Amazing product. Totally in love with it

June 6, 2018
4m Sandstone Canvas Bell Tent - Single Door

Thank you so much - everything perfect

May 29, 2018
4m Sandstone Canvas Bell Tent - Single Door

Extremely well made and so easy to put up, I would recommend this tent. I purchased a 4m tent as I wanted it to be big enough for a family of four to camp in and also be small enough to also set up in the garden to dry off afterwards if needed.Love the spacious feel in this tent and looking forward to taking the odd daily nap in it when camping as it is not going to be sweaty inside like the nylon tent we had, and the simple one pole set up is a breeze too. Only took 15 min to pitch on first attempt and I muddled a couple of things, so will be even quicker next time - bonus if you arrive at campsite and it's raining!We will be bringing our own tent porch and adding it onto this so we can keep things outside too. Will invest in wood burning stove next year and a porch too.

May 4, 2018
4m Sandstone Bell Tent With Zipped In Ground Sheet

The tent is heavy, waterproof and like a tardis inside. Pitching took 15-20 mins and was pretty straight forward even for a novice like me. Expect to be the subject of interest on a traditional campsite; this is unlike any run of the mill Halfords tent. If you like the idea of camping but utterly dislike the experience of camping buy this tent; it is made for non-campers!

August 26, 2017
4m Sandstone Bell Tent With Zipped In Ground Sheet

Really good quality, exactly what I hoped for.

August 8, 2017
Stunning product amazing service

Wow, amazing service, ordered last Sunday 23 october, changed delivery address at last min on Monday, and delivered to new address on Tuesday 24 October, fantastic service!!!! We had fallen in love with a Bell tent after seeing a friends one at a festival. And now we are the proud owners of one!!!!!! With a busy life and various things happening, the earliest we could put it up was today.....after watching the video, reading the instructions in the package, I thought that the 15min setup was a little wishful, (especially for a first timer) but it was true, from no tent to fully set up pegged out and guy lined in 15mins!!! Even my Vango takes longer than that......! The quality of the tent is amazing, the guy lines, the pegs, the poles, the bags, the actual tent!!! Utterly amazing!!!! We are completely blown away by is amazing! Today was just a test, to make sure all was wasn't it; was PERFECT! We can't wait for the summer, we will be living the glamping dream, with lots of additional furniture, lights and the creature comforts, we really are impressed!!! An amazing product, amazing service, we feel like we're part of a secret family!!! Many many thanks utterly superb!

November 7, 2016

I LOVE my new tent! It's light and airy, really easy to put up - I did it all by myself and it doesn't take long, even the first time. In hot weather you can roll the sides up which looks fab and it has survived some pretty big thunderstorms and nothing is wet inside. Got other accessories, cushions, rug, table , bunting and lantern too all from boutique camping, a truly inspirational company and a pleasure to buy from. All my friends are very jealous!

July 14, 2015
Great Tent!

Received the tent very promptly from Boutique Camping. Very easy to put up - took me ~25 minutes by myself. would have been a lot quicker with 2 people. VERY spacious. Not used in anger (or rain) yet, so can't comment on weatherproofing - that comes next month in Wales. Good quality throughout and love the zip in/out groundsheet.

July 11, 2014
New improvements - We love!!

Ok this is going to sound like 2 minor things but i promise they're big!! Just took delivery of 5 new 5m sandstone bells, customer service form Sophie and Ollie amazing for a start. Unpacked tents to find new improved straps to hold the tent rolled up when you pack away. Nothing wrong with the old ones but these made life MUCH easier so hats off to Ollie for the techy changes! They now have clips so no trying to tie them in a bow and were longer than the old ones. It really does make getting it back in the bag (which by the way is a big wins as it has a zip anyway - we have another bell that goes in the top like a duffel bag and its a massive pain to put away). They've also changed the chain inside the centre pole (again nothing wrong with the old one) but these feel a lot sturdier and durable. Did loads of research before we bought our first bell and we haven't been back to the first company, the other 10 we've bought are Boutique Camping Bell tents. Save yourself the 3 months research I initially made to end up buying from the wrong company and use these guys instead. The purple guy ropes are funky and the doorway is wider than on other bells making it easier to get 'stuff' in and out and aesthetically better looking!

May 27, 2014
Perfect in every way

My first canvas tent, and first bell tent; it is a delight - I am a convert from dome tents.It is easy to put up and drop; in instructions enclosed were concise and clear. The quality of the tent is very high; even the guy ropes are high quality and sturdy (compared to some quite flimsy things I have seen on other tents) and I was extremely comfortable camping for 5 days in it, even in quite heavy rain.It didn't take too long to dry and air post camping either.I would highly recommend one of these tents.

May 8, 2014
4m sandstone bell tent

Lovely tent, created a cosy atmosphere with lighting etc and plenty of space for everything.

March 18, 2014
5m bell tent sandstone

brilliant tents, the purple guys make them much easier to be seen, the doors open up really wide and so easy to put up! Not only that but the staff are always really helpful and friendly! Honestly you won't look back!

March 13, 2014
Sandstone Bell tent review

The tent survived two festival beautifully - from the humid east coast to the hot desert in Nevada. The only challenge was managing the tension ropes in close quarters so make sure you have some space!

March 13, 2014
Best decision ever

I am so pleased that I bought this tent, I am always amazed at the room inside and love the factwe can all camp in the one space efortlessly!

March 13, 2014