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Seam Sealant Pad Bottles

Seam Sealant
Product Code: GRFA AB 02
  • £4.99 (ex. VAT)
  • Fixes leaks
  • Urethane based adhesive
  • For cotton, nylon tents, tarps and awnings
  • Easy to use
  • 50m

Nothing takes the fun out of camping like a leaking tent, but by using our seam sealant you can keep your tent performing at its best. It can restore the waterproofing of tents and other equipment, allowing them to perform like new.

If you are finding any small leaks or drips coming through on your tent, please apply this to the inside of the tent where you are finding the Issue and it will resolve the problem for you.

Urethane based adhesive. Flexible formula seals seams on cotton and nylon tents, tarps and awnings.

How to use:

1 Use the applicator to apply a thin coat to either side of the seam.

2 Allow to dry for 24 hours prior to use.