The Ultimate Glastonbury Checklist!

The Ultimate Glastonbury Checklist!

Glastonbury is literally right around the corner, and for all you last minute festival goers we’ve compiled a list of things for you to take along! From things to wear, to essential must-have’s, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Check out the Boutique Camping Guide to Glastonbury for tips on getting through the festival safely!

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Of course you’ll need a tent, right? You’re in the perfect place. We offer tents from 4m-7m in all sorts of colours and patterns! Camping doesn’t have to be boring.

Now, what to wear!?

Glastonbury is the perfect opportunity to look great and just go all out, as well as celebrating your unique style and individuality. However, you still want to be comfortable so ladies ditch those chunky platform heels.


We sell some fantastic pieces from Tirade13, everything is hand-made and just gorgeous in general. The one-size-fits-all jackets are available for both men and women and they are perfect for adding that touch of glam to your chosen outfit!

The leggings are available in an array of colours and patterns, so they’re perfect for pairing up with any sort of top that you’d like to wear.

The catsuits are perfect for making a statement. Bold, fierce and sparkly; take a look at the selection we have on our website and I can guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing your favourite. They all look fantastic!


You can’t possibly go to a festival without any headwear, right!?

Our Native American headdresses will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and we sell them in a broad range of styles.

Not sure if the headdresses are for you? Check out these lovely Tigerpunk flower headbands which we sell in blue, blush, purple and lilac. No matter how vibrant your outfit is, these headbands will add a simple feminine touch to really make your outfit pop.

Another alternative would be sequin snoods! Not only will they add a unique twist to your outfit, you’ll probably be one of the best looking people at the festival. It’s a win-win in our opinion!


Keeping in line with accessories, we also sell Tigerpunk Tiger’s Eye necklaces in blue/brown, blue/black, red/black and red/brown. They’ll add a bit of edge to whatever you’re wearing, which you can never go wrong with at a festival.


Of course you can’t go to a festival without a decent pair of shades, can you!? We sell plenty of OutThereEyeWear’s sunglasses as well as Firework Lens glasses and Festival Spectacles. They will really enhance your Glastonbury experience!


Moving on to footwear, we would highly recommend to be sensible with deciding what shoes to take. It’s looking to be pretty wet and muddy at Glastonbury this year, so you’re better off taking along a decent pair of wellies with.

We sell a wide range of Evercreature wellies, we can assure you that there is definitely something for everyone. Wellies don’t have to be boring!


Speaking of wet, why not wear a funky FieldCandy poncho over your outfit? Not only are they available in a range of designs, they actually look pretty cool. You can take them off when it’s not raining, so you can show off your outfit. You can’t lose!


Moving on from attire, it can be pretty irritating lugging around a huge bag as well as a rug that you can sit on. Wouldn’t it be easier to have both in one? The Brug is exactly that, so it will save you plenty of space and you won’t get so tired from carrying around so many different things at the same time.

Magic Mirror

Mirrors can be a bit of a pain sometimes as they are prone to breaking, so you’re better off with these wonderful Magic Mirrors! They are portable and made from acrylic glass, so you won’t need to worry about any breakages!

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These Camera Hip Flasks are perfect for discreet drinking, and they look pretty awesome so you’re bound to receive a ton of compliments.

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