The Minirig – New Stock / New Colours


Boom! We have just had a new delivery of Minirigs, and are now stocking the orange, blue, black and sliver!

The minirig is a Boutique camping tried and tested personal favourite. We can vouch for its amazing volume, long lasting battery life and crisp sound because we use it in our office everyday for music, and we have been known to take it on trips to the park for ‘team meetings’ … .ahem.

Using the latest technology and high quality components the MINIRIG is a portable speaker, which looks and sounds truly amazing.
Handmade in the UK, it has a high quality 3-inch (76mm) neodymium loudspeaker driver which is cased in brushed aluminium.
The minirig delivers deep powerful bass with punchy mids and highs; a clear, full range sound.
An LED smoothly changes colour as the internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery slowly. Providing a remarkable 50 hours of playback. With standard 3.5mm jack sockets, the MINIRIG is compatible with any multimedia device, mp3 player, computer or phone.
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