Halloween Special – Worn To Be Wild

Fake blood and loo-roll bandages are so 90’s. Just because its Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t still look cool, quirky and dapper. Enter the Oppo Suit. This is the perfect combination of scary and sophisticated for your Halloween party. Halloween Costumes were originally worn by adults during the seasons pagan roots (over 2000 years ago) to disguise the wearer from the otherworldly spirits believed to cross over from the dead to the living on October 31st. The concept of Halloween and the outfits worn during the season have come a long... Read More


New Designs For 2014

Brand new for 2014: The Chocolate Bell and The Cookies and Cream Bell. Our luxurious Chocolate Bell tent makes it that little bit darker inside to help you sleep that little bit longer in the bright mornings. Our stylish Cookies and Cream Bell is our new neutral patterned tent (if you’ve seen our Rainbow and Harlequin Bell’s you’ll know what we mean!). As always, both are made to our top of the range specification including; Heavy Duty Zipped in Groundsheet, Secondary Mosquito Netted Door, 4 Half Moon Windows, 4 Netted vents... Read More