Make the Most of the Boutique Camping Tent Finder App at Glastonbury!

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Now that Glastonbury is finally here, why not download the Boutique Camping Tent Finder app to enhance your festival experience?

You can add and find locations within the app, so this will allow you to locate exactly where your bell tent is! We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to remember exactly where you have pitched your tent, so with the Boutique Camping Tent Finder app you don’t need to worry! You can also pin your favourite food stalls, stages and even a meeting point with your friends so you won’t all get lost and struggle to find each other seeing as the festival site at Worthy Farm is absolutely huge.

We understand that music is a key element to liven up any kind of setting and create a fantastic vibe, and whilst you’re sitting in your bell tent you may feel that you’re lacking this. But, with our app you can stream our music podcasts which are filled with plenty of awesome tunes from a wide variety of genres, so there’s something for everyone.

British weather is incredibly unpredictable, so we have included a weather feature within the Boutique Camping Tent Finder app which allows you to take a look at the forecast so you can plan ahead and decide whether you need to wear some wellies or how much sun cream you’ll be needing.

When it’s dark and you’re inside your tent it isn’t quite the easiest of tasks to see and spot things, so we have taken this into consideration and included a torch feature within the app to make your life a lot easier!

Out multi-functional app is available on iTunes, what are you waiting for? It’s free too!

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