The Road To Nowhere Festival

In August 2012, 500 people will gather at a brand new site near the mysterious energy lines in England’s Somerset for a special one off experimental 3 day festival. The Road To Nowhere are curators, not dictators. We aim to fuse and expand creative horizons during this unique experience. ∙ A non profit organisation [all income generated is reinvested] ∙ No use of currency on site  [attendees must bring all their own supplies and be willing to contribute] ∙ Forging an open and dynamic collaboration between participants [RTN are open to collaborations with... Read More

Burning Man 2011

We have returned from the epic Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA. Words can not describe how amazing that place is, however we think this guy shows it in its glory better. We had a trip of a life time and can’t wait for next year.

Glastonbury 2011

Check out this terrific short film, Glastonbury Daze, made at this year’s Festival by Solent student David Pardoe Glastonbury Daze from Solent University – Media Arts on Vimeo.