Boutique Camping Lounge Bag Has Arrived!!

The wait is over, the Boutique Camping Lounge bags are here to rock your world!

Our Boutique Camping Lounge bags are perfect for all seasons and all outdoor activities. Use them in festivals, camping, the beach, your garden, the possibilities are endless for our lovely lounge bags. We love to use them as floaters on rivers or on the beach.

The lounge has an introductory price of £40 for a limited time only! Catch them before they get back to their regular price of £60.

The Lounge bags come fill in with air in seconds with no need for a pump, simply let the open air fill the bag and the bag is filled. The Lounge bag is strong, it is made from a durable parachute material, and it can hold up to 100kg. The handy pockets can act as a drinks holder or somewhere to keep ur phone save.

The Lounge bag will allow you to relax, there is no restriction in age, just relax anywhere, even places that you might not have thought a typical lounge seat even could be brought. Our lounge bags are expertly crafted and the product that was made of a superior material. The Lounge bag makes the perfect outdoor seating option. The Lounge bags are available in Purple, Grey, Lime Green, Cream and Black.

Click here if you’re interested in adding these amazing Lounge bags to your collection! If you want to know how this amazing product works have a look here, you might just be amazed.

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Boutique Camping Lounge BagsBoutique Camping Lounge BagBoutique Camping Lounge bag

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