10 Amazing Camping Hacks

Here at Boutique Camping, we’re big fans of life hacks – those ingenious low-effort, high-impact tips that make you wonder how you ever did without them. Camping is definitely one of those areas of life where little tips definitely come in handy. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below, from camping gadgets that’ll enhance your trip to ideas, to making your tent feel instantly more luxurious.

Home from home

Fabric decorations that you can pack up and unleash when needed are an easy route to putting a personal stamp on your camp. We’re talking bunting, rugs and blankets in bright colours that don’t weigh much but punch above their weight in the style stakes.

Decorative throws and bits of fabric are also useful for repurposing as picnic blankets, hanging over tree branches to use as wind cover or for a shaded nook for snoozing.


Water waste of a phone

What is better than spending money on pricey phone insurance? Covering your tech with this clear phone pouch, which protects from dust, water and sand (AKA things you’ll may see a fair amount of while camping). It even comes with a handy belt clip.

Raise it up

Pegs aren’t just useful for holding your tent down! They’re also handy for fixing decorations to trees or to the ground – whether that’s glass lanterns, pieces of fabric (as we mentioned above), bunting or streamers – so it might be worth investing in a couple more.

Let there be light…

Keep the fun going for longer by adding some light to your evening – just because you’re in the great outdoors, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of lighting options.

Add a chandelier to your Bell tent or hang it trees around your camp and fill it with tea lights (always remember to blow out the candles when you’ve finished). And because of their cool, safe light, battery-operated LED lights are a popular option for camping too.

Smaller LED lights can be put into clean glass jars to create portable lanterns. Our Boutique Camping lanterns will turn any space into a tranquil, serene and stylish environment. Wether it’s for a bell tent or for outdoor use these lanterns will keep you going all night long.


…and music

Thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth, it’s even easier to have music with you whenever you head out into the wild. Try a waterproof speaker or even a full waterproof music system that you can use on muddy days or outdoors without worrying about drizzle. Or you can always try the old trick of sitting your phone or music player in a bowl to amplify the sound (we’re not 100% convinced though)…

Sitting soft

Want to lounge around on beautiful cushions but don’t have room to carry them with you? Buy a fab cushion with a removable cover, take out the lining and stuff the remaining cover with your clothes. Swap the clean clothes for your dirty ones once they’ve been worn – just remember which cushion contains which!

No match for this mirror

One of the most annoying things about camping is that dreaded queue (or scramble) for the one mirror that your friends remembered to bring. That’s why we love this Magic Mirror – not only is it ethical and made in the UK, it turns from an actual full-length mirror into a pyramid position that two people and is made from acrylic so it won’t smash in your bag.


Bucket list

These fold-up buckets can be an absolute lifesaver; when folded flat, you can squeeze into even the most tightly-packed bag and they’re tough enough to keep going long after you’re still flagging. Use them for everything from rubbish to washing dishes and clothes.

So fresh, so clean

We love this one. Why not put some dryer sheets into your tent bag while travelling to keep it smelling fresh? You’ll avoid that slightly mildew-y scent you sometimes get after pulling a tent out of storage after a few months, and it’s a trick the future you will definitely thank you for.

Tent finder

We’ve saved the best until last, if we don’t say so ourselves. Our Boutique Camping Tent Finder app doesn’t just help you locate your way back to your tent (it does do that, of course) but you can also use it to note down your own favourite GPS locations like where to have a shower, your favourite music tent or a cashpoint and help find those easily, too.

You can share your locations and bookmarks and we’ve also equipped it with a weather forecast function, compass and torch (as well as our fab Boutique Camping podcasts). Did we mention it’s free?

And a few of the weirder ones…

It’s safe to say that knowing the internet, there are some off-the-wall camping hacks out there, from using tortilla chips as kindling to poking holes in the bottom of a milk carton to use as a shower.

What are your trusty favourite camping hacks, and what are some of the weirder ones you’ve discovered?

Let us know in the comments below!

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