At Boutique Camping, you can find a beautiful range of bell tents to choose from.

Whatever occasion it is that you need a bell tent for, our portfolio provides and assists you in find the perfect tent for your wedding, holidays, festivals or parties.

But before making a decision, please find all relevant information on bell tents below alongside numerous useful ideas and inspirations. Let’s begin with a quick excursion through the history of bell tents.



Eminently used by soldiers in the past, bell tents today are a great addition for family camping trips, festivals, and parties. They are easy to set up and provide luxury space thus enriching your camping experience.

The design of a bell tent is made by a structure supported by a single central pole, covered with canvas. Ropes are connected around the top of the walls and held down by pegs; this is how stability of the bell tent is reinforced. The circular floor plan offers adequate room to sleep a number of people with sufficient space for interior design and cool bell tent accessories.



An early version of the bell tent was known as the Sibley tent. Invented by Henry Hopkins Sibley whom was a brigadier General from Louisiana during the American Civil War. He studied the Native American Tipi/Teepee on his long expeditions in the American Old West. Inspired by natural, breathable materials and the durable versatile canvas, his tent design was presented in 1858.

The bell tent is considerably similar as well as characteristically different to the Sibley tent by its walls, the ropes and the more comfortable, large entrance. The bell tent however, lacks the telescopic tripod and smoke hole as they are not necessarily required anymore.

Today, a bell tent uses modern canvas that is waterproof and even flame retardant, and it offers rather a luxury home for camping and can be used as a tent for parties and many other occasions:



There are three types of tents bell tents: separate ground sheet, sewn in ground sheet (SIG) and zipped in ground sheet (ZIG).

The separate ground sheets are at the bottom range of tents; they are difficult to put up, as you have to pin the ground sheet separate to the tent. In addition to this, they are not entirely waterproof and users are more likely to be exposed to insects. On the other hand, you can roll the sides up on a hot sunny day to enjoy your view or alternatively air the tent. The sewn in ground sheets, otherwise known as SIG tents, protect you against insects and are durable in extreme weather conditions. However it does not present you with the ability to roll up the sides and enjoy your surrounding atmosphere or air the tent.

We only make zipped in groundsheet bell tents (ZIG) as these benefit from all the advantages of both the cheaper range bell tents available elsewhere.



If you are looking for a family tent, Boutique Camping has a range of bell tents with different patterns and designs in a variety of sizes that are perfect for families with younger children.

We also offer a range of larger tents that are great if you are travelling in a large group; they give you substantial space so you can enjoy your camping experience without getting in each other’s way.



At Boutique Camping we also offer a range of products that can create the perfect atmosphere for your friends and family. From our Moroccan lanterns, to the vibrantly coloured embroidered cushions, Bajot tables and traditional Indian rugs, we can help bring life and ambience to your bell tent. This is where the term ‘Glamping’ was derived from; it is a mixture of glamour and camping. Below is a picture of a ‘Glamped’ bell tent.

Choose from our range of accessories to make your experience as Glamped and comfortable as possible. From candles, to cushions, footstools, portable power supplies, fairy lights and hammocks, we have products to suit everyone. We even have a range of outdoor games for the whole family.

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